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A30 Runnymede roundabout Egham, improvement scheme

Monday, 10 July 2017

Scheme overviewThe Runnymede Roundabout scheme involves improvements to the layout on all approaches to the roundabout and to the roundabout itself. The scheme will create additional carriageway lanes within some parts of the junction and the creation of a new 'U' turn facility for traffic heading towards Staines upon Thames from the M25 motorway. This facility will allow vehicles to avoid negotiating the main part of the junction. Traffic lights will be installed throughout the junction to control the traffic 24 hours a day which will incorporate controlled crossing facilities for pedestrians and cyclists.
As part of the scheme the existing surface water drainage system will be renewed and upgraded along with the installation of new road signs, fences, safety barriers and footways including a brand new facility around the northern side of the roundabout.
The plans detailing the new road layout can be viewed on the PDF at the bottom of this page.

Don’t Split Egham In Two!

Monday, 24 April 2017

A potentially very important meeting about the future of the Egham level crossings is to be held on Monday (April 24). Local councillors will be privately briefed by officers of Surrey County Council on schemes to create direct rail access into Heathrow from the Egham/Camberley/Woking/Basingstoke direction. And much of the discussion can be expected to focus on a report that was presented to the county council in December by the firm Arup.
This document puts forward a number of options. And the most alarming, in my opinion, is one that it numbers Option 1c.
This proposes that:
“Egham level crossing”  - the one by Egham station  - “is closed and replaced with footbridge only”.
“Pooley Green level crossing track lowered beneath highway to make it a grade separate junction.”
Thorpe Road level crossing “is closed and traffic diverted via outer routes”.
“Rusham level crossing (Whitehall-Lane/Prune Hill) is closed and replaced w

High Street Bollards Status - Surrey Country Council has stated the following:

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

"The only significant change being made to arrangement for access to the High Street is the extension of the pedestrian zone to also include Sundays. This means vehicles will no longer be able to access this section of the High Street between 11am and 4pm on Sundays. On all other days the rising bollards will simply prevent vehicles from entering the pedestrian zone at times it has previously been illegal to access the area.
There are a limited number of exemptions to the restriction including emergency service vehicles on operational duty.
The rising bollard system has been designed to enable exempt vehicles to gain access to the pedestrian zone.
As has always been the case, there is no exemption for disabled drivers, taxis or vehicles making deliveries/collections from properties within the pedestrian zone (with the exception of Royal Mail vehicles).
Deliveries/collections therefore need to be scheduled to take place outside of the restricted...

Surrey Leader proposes new recommendations for budget 2017/18

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Surrey County Council met today to discuss the referendum and the hike in Council Tax of an increase of 15%. The government has agreed to provide some additional funding to Surrey County Council so it has been decided not to hold a referendum on a 15% increase.The County Council voted to approve a 4.99% rise in council tax following a recommendation from Leader David Hodge. Find out more here

Changes To Egham Pedestrian Zone

Monday, 30 January 2017

Taken From The Surrey County Council Website
Having considered the views expressed during the consultation SCC’s Local Committee for Runnymede agreed that the existing pedestrian zone should be retained from Monday to Saturday with the same hours of operation (11am to 4pm) and exemptions. However the Local Committee also agreed the following: The pedestrian zone should also apply on Sundays (11am to 4pm). That a more effective method of controlling access to the pedestrian zone should be introduced to prevent vehicles illegally entering the zone during the restricted times. At the time the above was agreed, funding was not available to immediately introduce the improved access controls and to extend the pedestrian zone to also apply on Sundays. However, funding has since been allocated and rising bollards will shortly be introduced at either end of the pedestrian zone. For more information click the link below:

David Hodge, Leader of Surrey County Council, announces proposal to seek a council tax rise of 15%

Monday, 23 January 2017

Taken from Get Surry and the Surrey County Council Website
David Hodge, Leader of Surrey County Council, has announced a proposal to seek a council tax rise of 15%.
He said: “We have to set a budget that will protect vital services for Surrey residents.
“Government has cut our annual grant by £170m since 2010 – leaving a huge gap in our budget.
“Demand for adults social care, learning disabilities and children’s services is increasing every year.
“So I regret, despite us finding £450m worth of savings from our annual budget, we have no choice but to 
propose this increase in council tax.” The proposed increase would see Band D council tax residents paying an
extra £190 a year.
"The reason we have made this difficult decision is to protect vital services for Surrey residents," said the 
Conservative leader. "Our government has cut our annual grant by £170m since 2010. "That has left

Egham Indian takeaway needs URGENT improvements after Food Standards Agency inspection!

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Egham Indian takeaway needs URGENT improvements after Food Standards Agency inspection "The website for the curry house in Egham High Street says: “Your best choice for Indian food in Egham”  An Egham Indian takeaway has been given a zero out of five food hygiene rating. Runnymede Borough Council said The Red Rose takeaway requires urgent improvement in hygienic handling of food, including preparing, cooking and storage. The curry house in High Street which says it is the "best choice for Indian food in Egham” on its website, was inspected on Wednesday (December 7) 2016 by the Food Standards Agency (FSA).  FSA also stated “urgent improvement" was necessary in the management of food safety, which requires checks to ensure food is safe to eat and evidence showing staff know about food safety. Reviews from TripAdvisor are mixed, with one customer, TailLynch from Addlestone saying: “When the food arrived it all looked nice. I found a s

Surrey County Council Runnymede parking review for 2016

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Taken from a Wilkins Kennedy Email.

We will report the comments and objections that we receive about these proposals to the parking team manager, who, in consultation with the chairman/vice chairman of the local committee and the county councillor for the area, will consider them all and decide how to proceed. We will also publish a summary of the comments and objections and the outcomes on our website, so please try and avoid including any information that you do not want to be made public. Once you have read the document information regarding Egham or any other part of Surrey you can inform the council of your views using the link at the bottom of the page. Wesley Drive. Drawing No: 18 Install single yellow lines to operate Monday to Saturday 8:00am to 6:00pm on both the north and south sides of Wesley Drive from the roundabout with Manorscroft Road eastwards to join up to existing restrictions. This will prevent vehicles associated with school time...

Residents 'pleased' as council set to reject Virginia Water FC plan for Mrs Caddy's Field

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Taken form Get Surrey with and undate from Mr Chris Fisher, a senior member of the ERA.
The club wanted to build a stand, floodlighting, a clubhouse with bar, changing rooms and parking for around 170 cars and coaches on the green belt land A football stadium will not be built on green belt land that is currently home to the Egham Royal Show, with councillors set to reject the proposals. Non-league Virginia Water FC wanted to build a stand, floodlighting, a clubhouse with bar, changing rooms and parking for around 170 cars and coaches on Mrs Caddy’s Field. Runnymede Borough Council’s community services committee is expected to dismiss the proposal when it meets on Thursday (June 16), due to residents’ "strong emotional bond" with the green belt land and "a strong desire to retain its openness". In an email sent by the committee’s chairman, Councillor Marisa Heath told a resident "the subject is being closed and there will be no movement

Magna Carta Day 2016 - Programme

Monday, 6 June 2016

Taken from the Magna Carta Day Programme with additional comments by Stephen Williams
The Magna Carta committee look forward once again to welcoming you to this years' celebrations to mark the 801st anniversary of thesealing of the Magna Carta by King John on Runnymede Meadows in 1215. The High Street and Station Road North will be lined w ith stalls displaying crafts, cakes, plants, games and competitions, organised by voluntary organisations, charities and traders. Egham is the town closest to the meadows of Runnymede where King John was forced to accept the Great Charter on 15th June 1215. There the king accepted that there were limits on his power,including the power to make arbitrary laws. Magna Carta Day is our way of marking the signing of the document that is widely regarded as the foundation of democratic rights and civil liberties in England, and later across much of the commonwealth and the English speaking world. The day will start at 11am with...

New Mayor For Runnymede

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Taken from the Runnymede BC website with additional comments by Stephen Williams.

The Mayor of Runnymede for 2016-17 is Cllr Alan Alderson. Alan is also a member of the Egham Town Team. The role of Mayor is a non-political post and the Mayor is the civic head of the Council. Within the Borough, the Mayor takes precedence over all except the Queen and her representative, the Lord Lieutenant. This high standing is a traditional one of honour and dignity, rather than constitutional. The Mayor is the "first citizen of the Borough" and acts as an 'ambassador' for the Council. In addition, the Mayor acts as Chairman at meetings of the Full Council and has an important role in regulating proceedings and debate. This role is formally set out in the Council's Constitution. Runnymede is one of the few councils which continues to operate a committee-based system, giving every councillor - as opposed to simply a smaller executive - a practical input into the way...

Magna Carta Day 2016

Monday, 16 May 2016

Author: Stephen Williams
Magna Carta Day 2016 is nearly upon us again. A date of your diary is Magna Carta Day, Saturday 11th June 2016 between 11am - 4pm. Once again there will be live music and entertainment, stalls, funfair rides and food and drink. The Magna Carta Giants will join the celebrations once again and in procession with the Mayor of Runnymede (Cllr Alan Alderson), will process along the high street to the main Performance Stage. To remind you, the Runnymede Giants were created by children and young people from four Surrey Schools in partnership with Ballyhoo Arts. Strodes College is generously allowing the use of their sports field for the fireworks display in the evening, which last year was attended by over 1,000 local residents and visitors.on Strode's School field.   You can download the flyer advertising the event here , and a copy of the Magna Carta Day Map here.